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Una pequeña historia a considerar

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This story is about a man who certainly marked many destinies during his life. This man was born in a very poor town which had almost nothing for humans to survive and which eventually disappeared due to a strange plague where that man was the only survivor. During the few years in which this man lived there, his life was a miserable one. He did not have a father as his mother was rapped by another man, reason by which he was not treated very well by his mother. She always considered him a nuisance as she did not want to feed him and also, she did not have the money to do so. She used to send him to buy her some alcohol and some other strange drugs, which he did not know what they were for. During these times, usually, many kids three or five years older than him stole him the drinks he bought for his mother; many of the times as an order from their parents or for the kids themselves. Her mother never told him off despite this as she knew well that the town hated her for dishonouring them for having given birth to a child from a man that killed many people in the past in that town. Nobody pitied her or her child since she also was a whore.Añadir Anotación
As the years went by, this little child got beaten almost everyday by other boys in their need for alcohol. He was known as ’the dummy’ as he did not show any emotions every time he was brutally beaten by these cruel kids. Many thought that the main reason of his lack of emotions was due to the careless attitude of his mother who neither protected him nor cure him from his wounds. The famous proverb that ’time heals all wounds’ did not seem to apply for this boy as he had many injuries all over his body. Black eyes, nose bleeding and a cut in his eyebrow were part of everyday life for this kid.Añadir Anotación
Although many people abused this boy, he lhad the appearance of an adult for he was one metre and 50 at the short age of 10. He was a child of dark complexion, dark brown hair and because of the continuous beating he received, he looked very strong and athletic. In spite of suffering the worst beatings many people can imagine, this boy got so much used to pain and beatings that he did not feel pain in those beatings anymore. Due to that, many boys stopped messing with him and he finally could focus on getting food to survive. As it was the law in that town, this boy stole food from certain corp fields in order to survive the day.Añadir Anotación
One day, the boy’s mother got terribly sick because of an strange illness. Because of the lack of wizards (who were doctors in this world, next day I ’ll explain), in the town, the people were very so concerned that they sent somebody to go for a wizard so that he could investigate this strange virus. The illness spread very quick through the town, but despite that, the people were confident that the man who they sent would return with a wizard, however, the man did not appear. As the virus started taking its first victims in which the boy’s mother was included, despair took control of everybody in the town, except of the kid. After his mother’s death, the boy left the town as he did not find any food nor any reason to continue living in that awful town.Añadir Anotación
As he walked on the desert, his legs did not have the strength to continue since he had not eaten anything for seven days straight. Finally, he fell and accepted his fate. As he laid in the middle of the desert he wondered if the town was still in feet for when he had left it, it was a complete chaos. Then, suddenly, after a brief blackout, he saw a light, a light that covered his whole body. When he turned back he saw a man with a long black beard wearing a blue coat, and an odd pair of gauntlets. He was the responsible for that light as he was healing all the injuries he had in his body. After a short silence, the man asked the child: ’Are you all right, what happened to you kid?’. The boy did not answer as he was fascinated with that strange light that the man was producing. When the man was about to repeat the question, the boy, extremely thrilled, asked him what was that light. The man told him it was ’magic’. Later, after giving the boy some food and some water the man told him that the reason why he was able to produce that light was simply because he was a wizard. The boy immediately realized that the man who he was talking to was the wizard sent to cure the town’s terrible plague. After confirming the man’s identity, the wizard told him that he had already been in the town, yet when he arrived everybody was already dead as the plague had killed all of them . The boy told him that he was from that town, but curiously enough, the strange disease did not affect him. The man told him that it was possible that a certain curse may have fallen upon the boy’s town since many dark things had happened in that territory in the past. Nevertheless, the only possible answer the wizard found was that some kind of curse had fallen upon the kid ’s town, a curse of unknown origin, but which the wirzards immediately began invetigating.Añadir Anotación
The boy followed the wizard, something that the wizard thought it was his responsability of doing as he felt guilty for not arriving on time to save some people in that town. The man took him to the nearest town where they could speak more comfortable and suddenly realized that he had not introduced himself. ’I am Mr. Crowgan’ he said, ’what’s yours?’. The boy told him he did not what a name was. After telling him what it was, he said people used to call him Dorsh ’I think my name is Dorsh’ the child said. The wizard was very curious as he did not know what that meant, and after looking in a dictionary from dead languages, he found that in an ancient civilization, that word meant: ’cancer’.Añadir Anotación

A little story for us to consider
dorsh, 17 de Mayo de 2008
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